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Why Go Barefoot?

Barefoot trimmer, Anne Riddell, explains, it’s not just a matter of forsa...

By: Teresa Pitman |
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Top 22 Shoeing FAQs

Could your horse benefit from wearing shoes? Certified journeyman farrier, ...


The Underrun Heel

A common ailment of the hoof that affects all three areas is a condition kn...

By: Hans Wiza |

Coronary Band Injury: More Than Cosmetic

An injury to the coronary band can have long-lasting effects, from a small ...

By: Nicole Kitchener |

Hoof Abscesses

Identifying, treating and preventing this source of pain for the horse and ...

By: Kevin Alcock and Laurie Blake |

Buyer’s Guide: Hoof Care Tools

What's in your farrier's tool kit?...

By: HPG |

Saving Sunny

A journey through founder...

By: Colleen Archer |

How Often Should a Horse’s Feet be Trimmed?

Recommended frequency for trimming....

By: Susan Kauffmann |

Hoof Canker

You pick up your horse's hoof and notice a pale-coloured protrusion on the ...

By: Teresa Pitman |

Nutrition Notes: Feeding for Healthy Hooves

Get advice on how to feed for hoof health....

By: Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD. |